Tempura the Purple Boy

Tempura the Purple Boy is the original solo venture of Bass player, composer, DJ, producer, and all around music man, Bernardo D’Addario. Born in Lisbon, Portugal with added Brazilian roots, the music of Tempura the Purple Boy has a deep, dark, and driving feel to it. Slow beats and punchy kicks coupled with Brazilian and Portuguese roots, it creates a unique and fresh sound in the genres of downtempo and folktronica. As a bass player he has contributed his bass lines to many platinum and gold hits in his native Portugal, and in between has released several works with his own bands in a variety of different music genres. Playing professionally since age 16, he completed music studies in London and Rotterdam, and found a passion for electronic music after discovering Berlin. DJing and electronic music production came in 2018 and in 2019 he released his first track through the Portuguese label @ohxalarecords, and two Ambient music works through the cultural collective and studio label @camaleao.eu. His next EP entitled \'\'Backyard Animalz\'\' came in April 2020 on the Brazilian label @nucleo.gatopardo. Now based in his native Lisbon, he plays regularly as a DJ, bass player and combines the two in his live sets. 2020 will bring more releases and a venture into a world he calls Tugastep, a fusion of traditional Portuguese folkloric music with slow electronic beats.

 The dance floor awaits him