Ohxalá is the musical project of Maria & Luis who live in Porto, Portugal but already have their tracks being part of several mixtapes around the world within the growing wave of ethnobeats. In 2017 they released their debut EP “O Futuro do Passado” in Casa Caos (BR), Dona Cuíca EP on Cosmic Awakenings (US) and more recently the Sereias do Planeta Vermelho Ep on Ready Mix Records (CA). The releases include remixes from acclaimed producers such as M. Rux, Lemurian, Dandara, MiRET, Discoshaman, Intiche, Nillo & Maracuyá, Thommie G and Rodrigo Gallardo. The duo is eager to explore a thematic cut with a focus on Portuguese, Brazilian and African culture, inspired by the strong rhythmic foundation of popular and ancient music. Their productions are full of field recordings and booming bass lines, they did not skimp on the effort to incorporate tradicional ethnic folk elements into contemporary electronic music and that makes this project a unique musical experience. Axé!