FILOQ producer, dj and sound explorer, perpetually traveling from the port of Genoa to the world, developing his sonic research between global beats, jazz and electronic music, he melts traditional music from all over the world with digital beats in a swirling cut and sew; dubmaster of Istituto Italiano di Cumbia headed by Davide Toffolo from Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti (Viva Viva Malagiunta and Sonora Maddalena producer), dj/producer for the east african band Uhuru Republic, sound mind of Magellano project, sound designer of the big open air street art gallery ’Walk the Line’. Artistic producer of Vinicio Capossela, Almamegretta, Young Signorino, Los3Altos, Gnu Quartet, Escobar, Mudimbi, Luvanor FC feat Willie Peyote, Mimosa, Pernazza and many others, talent scout, remixer for many italians bands like Casino Royale, Velvet, Motel Connection, Piotta... and sound designer for images, installations and brands like Red Bull, Jeckerson and Alfa Romeo. Always on tour between Italy, Europe and Africa, he has played an average of 70 gigs a year between clubs and festivals in recent years and has shared the stage with artists like Die Antwoord, Clap! Clap!, Snarky Puppies, Caparezza, King Koya, Villa Diamante, Lo Stato Sociale, Lorenzo BITW, Com Truise, Godblesscomputers and Populous.