Brazilian born artist, Andrevictor is being highlighted by his multicultural and universal approach. Printing in his presentations a narrative with a wide cultural background, flowing drums in harmony with psychedelic melodies wandering in complex patterns and constructions. His signature of mixing aesthetics are known by long and upward transitions fusing with fineness, ethnic and modern electronic music in a dynamic and hypnotic flux of emotions and ideas. His relation with music began in his very early rock bands passing through the experimentalism with instruments to electronic music. In 2008, he started his DJ career doing a series of parties at his hometown and soon moving to São Paulo for a degree in Electronic Music Production. At this time, he connected himself and his presentations to many underground occupations, street parties and alternative clubs, which melt together with the new scene in Brazil, This scene of fresh and fizzy artists, shaped his sound with a fusion of urban language, ancient influences from indigenous rituals and world music. After moving to Berlin in 2015, he immediately started to be active in the local club culture, taking part at the art and music collective Ram Schakl, being resident DJ, doing parties and festivals collaborating with many other collectives, traveling through Europe were always accompanied by his DJing and Live performances. In 2017, he started to contribute to the international platform Love Foundation, which is fundraising money for water and sanitary development projects in Africa. In 2018, after a season touring in Brazil, he came back to Europe having many important gigs. The well-known Fusion Festival, one of the main events of the counterculture on the globe, Feel Festival and many other places such as Mensch Meier, Golden Gate and the iconic and legendary Kater Blau in Berlin hosted him last year. 2019 is beginning with a presentation at Sisyphos Wintergarten in Berlin in April. The festival season already starts Copenhagen at Distortion Festival in June, which is one of the largest annual gatherings in Europe that together to many others bookings already confirmed, are making this a very promising year in his career.